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Good Samaritan Helps Mother, Daughter After Moving Truck Crash Near Cal Expo

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A good Samaritan rushed to get a mother and daughter to safety after their moving truck tipped over while exiting the freeway near Cal Expo.

Nicholas Lee saw the turned-over truck on Highway 160.

"We seen this truck, it was already flipped over. We were at the light. We noticed people were just standing around not helping," he said.

He jumped out to make sure everyone was OK - and it's a good thing he did.

Lee says he noticed one of the women's legs was still caught in the truck.

"The entire time I was trying to make her remain calm. Pull her leg out, once we did that, or once I did that with her, once we got it done, it was just a good feeling," Lee said.

Working through broken glass, Lee did everything he could to get the driver out.

Officials said the mother and daughter took the exit too fast, resulting in their belongings smashing out the top of the box truck.

Moving day was turned upside down, but the driver and her young daughter were able to walk away from the crash, now with just a lot more packing and cleaning up than they planned for.

The driver was taken to a hospital. Police say nobody was hurt too bad.

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