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Supply Chain Creates Garage Door Waiting Game; City Inspectors Allow Lenience

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - No garage door, no problem.

The city of Sacramento will now allow garages to be boarded up in new homes, if the garage doors are not delivered in time.

Its a response to the shortage of garage doors caused by rampant supply chain problems.

CBS13 has learned the Lennar Homes North Lake development in North Natomas identified the issue with homes selling fast and garage doors arriving slow.

Maxton Builders' Valentine Razumovsky is a Sacramento home builder working through the supply shortages as well.

"This is the first time I've seen this," Razumovsky said. "There's definitely a huge problem with the supply lines. [With] any trade, there's always some kind of bottleneck."

Because of the bottleneck the city of Sacramento's building division Is making a new temporary rule, for garage door shortages.

The city issued a statemment reading, in part:

"…in response to possible delays in shipping materials for new homes…the City's Building Division created a provisional agreement to allow occupancy with certain conditions…"

Families can move into homes with garages boarded up until the doors are delivered.

Sacramento Councilmember Jeff Harris is also a building contractor who agrees a missing garage door in a new home is not a safety concern.

"It just doesn't make sense to slow the process down, and make everybody sit and wait for a garage door," Harris said. "So I think the building department has done the right thing here, to work with people under extraordinary circumstances."

The city of Sacramento building inspectors are still conducting new home inspections remotely because of COVID concerns.

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