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Drivers With Smashed Windows Claim They Were Also Targets Of Freeway Shooter

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Several more drivers have come forward, claiming they were targeted by the driver accused of shooting out the windows of vehicles on the freeway.

A broken driver's side mirror and several small dents on the driver's side door. CBS13 captured the damage on an accused freeway shooter's car that was spotted in the neighborhood where 42-year-old Jose Elisio Capacho Bonilla was arrested.

It's the same car seen in video CBS13 was the first to report, showing Bonilla firing a homemade slingshot-type weapon at a random car on the freeway.

"Dude, this could be the guy that hit your car," said Al Alrawi.

Jose Eliseo Capacho Bonilla's booking photo. (Credit: CHP)

After watching our story, Alrawi immediately thought his friend could be a victim.

"I heard like a window shatter, it was my back rear window," said Abdullah Alfatly.

Alfatly remembers seeing an SUV matching the description of the suspect's car just over a month ago when his window was shot out while driving on I-5 from the airport.

"There was white Nissan SUV next to me when I passed it that happened and I kept going I didn't stop but the white Nissan slowed down," he said.

The CHP tells CBS13 they are investigating at least 6 cases between I-5 and Highway 99. At least one incident we're learning was as far as the Stockton CHP county line.

"Great lengths," said Officer Jim Young with CHP.

The suspect as seen in the video captured by the Tesla driver.

"I was like what's going on he was like I just heard like an explosion in the car and then all, like, glass is all over the car," Alwari said.

The two say a small rock was found.

"It wasn't like a random rock no, it was like handpicked," Alwari said.

And now believe the suspect may have targeted Alfatly's car too.

"It was really hot why would you roll your window down so it really wasn't making sense and when I saw the video I was like yeah this is the same car," he said.

Alfatly is now filing a report with CHP realizing he could be a victim.

Bonilla appeared in court on Friday where he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury, one count of felony vandalism, and one count of misdemeanor vandalism, according to court documents. His bail has been set at 50,000.

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