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Foundation That Helps People On Autism Spectrum To Open Physical Store In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A renovated building on Broadway is about to open its doors, serving as a breakthrough in the quest to help young adults with developmental disabilities succeed in life.

For years, the Sacramento-based Fly Brave Foundation has struggled to raise money to help young adults on the autism spectrum. Now, they're celebrating a new path to success.

This wouldn't be off and running if John Almena hadn't taken his first powerful stride. We've been tracking John's story for more than five years—his run to glory from a non-verbal young man with autism to a marathon runner.

Running gave him his voice and inspired his spirit. His happy place has always been out in the open—a clear path to clear his cluttered mind. It still is, but it's also now at Fly Brave's first brick and mortar, which is dedicated to helping people like John live a life of purpose and find their passion.

"So I want to be that yes for people," said John's mother Vanessa.

She's the maestro behind the mad dash to transform this run-down old thrift store next to bacon and butter into one of the first standalone buildings in the area dedicated to helping young people on the autism spectrum.

From the t-shirts designed by her clients to the jewelry made by their once unsteady hands to the separate displays where young people with autism can sell the stuff they make, it's all there.

But it's more than a payday. The clients will also find out how to plan. A learning center will help them prep for job interviews, do their finances and more.

"So this is where we do all of our art classes, our coding, this will be public speaking, improv, our t-shirt making—everything," Vanessa said.

Everything is to be joyful in the present and hopeful for the future, giving young people who've struggled on life's journey a fresh new path to find their voice and take their first giant stride.

You can help fly brave celebrate its grand opening Saturday night from 5 to 8 p.m. They're right next to bacon and butter on broadway in Sacramento.

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