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There May Not Be Enough Fireworks To Meet Consumers' Demand This July 4th

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - There's growing concern that there may not be enough fireworks this year to meet consumer demand. It's the latest problem being blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's a problem that's sure to have an impact on local charities that rely on firework fundraising.

Fireworks will go on sale next week but some are worried they will sell out in just a matter of days. Firework sales are an annual tradition for many local non-profits.

"It's one of our top fundraisers," said

West Sacramento's moose lodge uses the thousands of dollars in proceeds to pay for youth and senior programs. But this year they're bracing for big cuts due to limited firework supplies.

"We're probably anticipating a 50 percent hit at least on the fundraising," said an organization spokesperson.

And other booths won't even open next Monday --  on the first day of firework sales -- concerned they could sell out before the fourth.

"There's going to be a scramble for people looking for a particular firework," he said.

TNT fireworks says the shortage is due to COVID-related backups in the supply chain from China.

"It's a rather broad complex issue and it's facing all consumer products," said a company spokesperson.

They say ships with fireworks are still stuck offshore and the pandemic caused reduced manufacturing capacity.

"There were some production facilities that were shut down in China because of covid concerns," he said.

That's also expected to make the cost of fireworks skyrocket.

"You will see some price increases," he said.

But the Moose lodge and other charities say they're still committed to raising what money they can to serve the community.

"It is the world that we live in these days, unfortunately. We're just having to roll with the punches and do the best that we can," he said.

Last year's firework stand sales broke records because many public shows were canceled.

That also means there weren't any excess fireworks left over that could be sold this year.

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