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Elk Grove Gets More Exotic As New Rules Will Allow Legal Ownership Of New Pet Breeds

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Elk Grove is about to become a little more exotic when it comes to animals. New rules are expected to go into effect next week allowing people to legally own new breeds of pets.

Dogs and cats have always been allowed as house pets, and now pygmy goats and pot bellied pigs are allowed as well.

"I love animals, so I think it would be something great to see in the city," said Courtney Vasquez, an Elk Grove dog owner.

"They're really cute, they're adorable," said Elk Grove dog owner Kristen Haggins. "I can see why someone would want to have one as a pet."

But not everyone is ready to adopt these new types of furry friends.

"I would never get one, it's just not the kind of animal person I am," said Brian Crone, also an Elk Grove dog owner.

"I wouldn't personally want one, but if someone had one, I wouldn't mind," said Avi Aujla, another Elk Grove dog owner.

The Elk Grove City Council approved the animals several years ago, and next week, the planning commission is expected to change the municipal code to legally allow them.

So what's the benefit of owning pygmy goats?

Supporters say two mini-goats can produce up to a half-gallon of fresh milk a day.

They live 8-12 years — similar to cats and dogs — and unlike dogs, their manure can be used as compost and fertilizer.

"That should be exciting," Haggis said."May be a little stinky though."

And for the first time, ostriches, emus and other large birds will also be allowed in the city's agricultural zones.

"We are still considered a real community, so embrace it." Vasquez said.

Excitement in Elk Grove is growing over more options for animal lovers.

Elk Grove will have a four-pet limit for the number of goats and pigs you're allowed to own — the same as for cats and dogs.

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