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Call Kurtis: Elk Grove Cosmetic Surgeon Accused Of Malpractice Surrenders License

ELK GROVE (CBS13) - An Elk Grove cosmetic surgeon can no longer practice medicine tonight after, patients say, he butchered them, leaving them in excruciating pain.

One of those patients is now talking with us.

"I'm crying and wailing. I've given birth to four children. I know what pain is like," said Tameka Shedwin.

Shedwin calls Dr. Mahmoud Khattab evil, saying he ignored her when she felt the incision during laser lipo surgery.

"And it became so excruciating I started crying and begging him to please stop," she said. "It's indescribable. When you've got someone burning your insides."

But she says that day in 2019 Dr. Khattab, who advertised on TV and once owned Precision MD in Elk Grove, kept on going.

Shedwin says he left her deformed, burned, scarred, and with a nerve injury.

And two years later, she's still in pain.

"He's never apologized. He's never acknowledged the pain and suffering he's caused," she said.

The state suspended Dr. Khattab's license in 2020, claiming incompetence, and repeated negligent acts, but claims he kept on practicing out of his home.

The state's case involving 11 patients reads like a horror novel. One says, "He was a butcher" who left her "severely burned and disfigured." One "found the pain to be excruciating…", "cried out in pain approximately six times during the procedure."

Another says her "skin was burned from the inside of the abdomen wall out."

Patient 11 said she landed in the E.R. because, documents say, Dr. Khattab
"perforated her bowel...five separate times". She says she "continues to require the ostomy to this day."

The state's case also outlines Dr. Khattab's history of suing patients who write bad reviews.

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"We posted a simple review about our experience with a business and here we are struggling with all the stress, all the frustration," said Karim Abulaban.

This couple we spoke with two years ago, claimed they spent $30,000 in legal expenses defending their review.

"He's really hoping to see us what, on the street, homeless, what, crazy? What does he want?" said Nehad Aboras.

Their case is now resolved and they can no longer talk about it.

Dr. Khattab has now agreed to surrender his license. It brings some relief to Shedwin, who still lives in pain.

"He's not allowed to hurt any anymore anyone else. That's the benefit," she said.

Shedwin and other patients are now suing him for malpractice. Her attorney says she is representing four of them. Precision MD in Elk Grove is now under new ownership.

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