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El Dorado County Braces For Flooding After Caldor Fire

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) - There are mudslide concerns for the Caldor Fire burn scar. Special tools and people are being brought in, just in case.

One of the tools fire crews have available is fire trucks with a lifted wheelbase. Helicopters are also available for aerial rescues if needed.

"Pre-position equipment bulldozers, deep-water rescue vehicles, and work with local fire partners in case swift water rescue becomes needed," said Brian Ferguson, a spokesperson with the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES).

As part of that process, trucks are staffed and waiting at nearby fire stations.
They can come from all over the state.

"Is there assets or equipment or personnel in a community if they need to get out and save people? If there isn't is… is there equipment or personnel that can be relocated?" said Ferguson.

Cal OES has called on teams from the Bay Area and Central California for support. They move in closer to areas that have fire scars and are more susceptible to mudslides, and flooding.

"Whether it's their own station or a partner fire station -- they're not necessarily on a mountain top. They're at a staging base where they have a place for the firefighters to rest," said Ferguson.

Sacramento Metro Fire Department has a team and a vehicle to respond if needed. Firefighters are trained in urban and swift water rescue.

"Especially high elevations that can fast develop with any amount of rain," said Ferguson.

Sacramento Metro Fire Department says they can respond to an emergency by land, sky, and water.

If there was a rescue situation where the water was higher than the truck they'd bring out a boat. The availability of rescue options doesn't replace staying vigilant on emergency updates and leaving an area if it's unsafe.

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