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Caught On Camera: Driver 'Brake Checks' Vehicle, Causing Driver To Lose Control On Highway 50

SACRAMENTO(CBS13) — A road rage crash on Highway 50 was caught on camera. A driver suddenly hit the brakes, forcing another driver to swerve out of the way, losing control and crashing into the car they were trying to dodge.

The California Highway Patrol says they are seeing an increase in road rage and says there are three main mistakes a lot of people make when dealing with an aggressive driver.

Carlos Gaytan captured the road rage crash at eastbound Highway 50 near Watt Avenue on his dashcam and says he was stunned.

"It just amazes me because it could have been a lot worse. He could have hit those other vehicles that were in front of him when he lost control, I mean it could have been three or four vehicles involved plus mine," he said.

The CHP said it's seeing an increase in reports of people being more aggressive on the road.

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"If somebody honks, they'll honk back. If somebody cuts them off, they will brake check and they will go back and forth," said Officer Ceja.

Every driver we spoke with on Friday says they have been caught in the middle of road rage, some even getting hit too.

"A lot more brake checking definitely," said Nora Krieger.

"As I'm going the speed limit he is getting closer and closer as if he is about to hit me," said Sabel Partida.

"I've had issues where I have been tailgated and actually kind of knocked," said Michelle Silva.

The CHP says the three most common mistakes drivers make when dealing with an aggressive driver are engaging with that driver, making eye contact and driving home after an incident before calling 911.

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Officer Ceja says there have been reports in the past of people being followed to their house.

Gaytan says he is seeing the bad behavior behind the wheel more now than before.

"It seems people are driving a lot more aggressively and want to go faster it seems like," he said.

CHP has not given an update on how the drivers involved in the road rage crash are doing. They also issued a reminder to drivers to make the three mistakes taht could put your life in danger.

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