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Dixon Booze Fairies Delivering Much-Needed Fun During Pandemic

DIXON (CBS13) — We all know Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy make house calls, but in Dixon, booze fairies are making deliveries to dozens of neighborhoods.

Ding-dong ditching has become much more popular in Dixon, but this isn't a childhood prank. These spirited deliveries are taking the edge off quarantine life at doorsteps around town.

"Especially in crazy times like this, it really brightens our day," Monica Grasso-Munoz said. 

This sisterhood of the traveling "sauce" was organized on Facebook where members share their address and wait for a goodie basket from a booze fairy. Afterward, the lucky recipient pays it forward to someone else.

"Even our local businesses are like, 'We love the booze fairies. They're driving our business. They're helping us out and supporting the economy,'" organizer Rebbecca Aguirre said.

For Aguirre and Kimberlee Yandel, it's a way to build community, one cocktail at a time.

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"It's bringing families together. It's bringing people together. It's bringing businesses into our family and a sense of closeness together in the uncertain times that we have going on right now," Yandel said.

The Booze Fairies of Dixon now have 1,500 people in their Facebook group. They're also reaching out to essential workers in the community and plan to provide similar services to military families as well.

While they cater to the 21 and older crowd, booze fairies are covering the kids too with gum, chips, sanitizer and, of course, slime.

"For the kids, they really get a chance to experience what it's like to give," Aguirre said. "I think it's just teaching them young now what that looks like and what it's like to make a difference."

The pandemic posse is providing a positive distraction by getting "boozed."

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