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Deer Are Running Away With Christmas Lights In El Dorado County

EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) — They graze in your yard and wander the streets, but no one expects a deer to take off with your Christmas lights.

(credit: Ben Nuckolls)

Neighbors near Folsom Lake are looking for two large bucks who are taking holiday decor a little too far this year. They both have Christmas lights caught in their antlers.

A wildlife rescuer with Gold Country Wildlife rescue said the bucks probably walked through some bushes with lights on them, and those lights got tangled on the antlers. It's a common problem out in El Dorado Hills and the neighbors hope the deer gets help.

El Dorado Hills resident Charlotte Heath isn't shy about lighting up her house for the holidays.

"Yah look at my yard a deer could have a blast at this place if it wanted to get lights on its antlers," she said.

She's seen one of the two bucks wandering around Outrigger Drive.

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"All I know is it got into a bush and tore off the Christmas lights and it got it caught in its antlers. I'm just hoping it will shed it's antlers this year," Heath said.

Maybe it's the scenery, in this part of El Dorado Hills, neighbors are used to seeing deer all the time. But these two bucks are turning heads.

(credit: Ben Nuckolls)

"I stopped and I looked at him and he looked at me. I said 'oh you're not even frightened.' So I said, 'Gosh, I'm going to take your picture,'" Carol Peterson said.

Peterson fondly remembers her close encounter just a few days ago. She spotted one of the bucks laying in the bushes with two does.

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"I think they're envious of his decorations, his little bits of bling," Peterson said.

A local wildlife rescue group said this a problem every year around the holidays, and warn people in areas with lots of deer about putting lights on the bushes.

Decorated deers have been spotted far and wide, from Marin County to Pollock Pines. Catching them and helping them, that's another story.

"I hope someone figures out how to entice it close enough without hurting them to get it untangled because he can't go through life this way," Peterson said.

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