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Police Identify Mystery Woman With Severe Amnesia Found In Davis

DAVIS (CBS13) — Police say they have identified the woman with severe amnesia who was found in Davis.

The woman said she had no memory of who she was or how she showed up in the backyard of a home on Seabright Avenue back in May. She was in otherwise good health, Davis police say.

The woman who was found in Davis. (Credit: Davis Police Department)

Officers said the woman gave them several names and different birthdays, along with telling them that she had come from the east coast.

Fingerprints and computer checks came up empty, police said.

On Friday, detectives were able to identify the woman thanks to a telephone tip and provided photos and specific body markings. Davis police say she was a 46-year-old woman reported missing in the Los Angeles area out of Southern California.

"One of those tips finally paid off," said Davis Police Deputy Police Chief Paul Doroshov, citing how rare this case is. "Normally we can identify people fairly quickly."

Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness said he's never seen a case like this before.

"It's the fodder for TV and movies - very seldom happens in real life," McGinness said. He explained how sorting through each tip is a very lengthy process when hundreds of them roll in.

"They use their best instincts and judgement to try and figure out which are fiction or bogus," he said, and referenced how it could have gotten even more complex if police had to turn to the courts for permission to collect her DNA.

"Obviously there's no one to speak on her behalf if she doesn't know who her relatives or allies are," McGinness said.

Last month, Davis police said they would be turning to DNA to try and identify the woman. However, due to the process of obtaining DNA, those results weren't expected for some time. It ended up unnecessary after the Friday morning tip came through. Police say they're thankful for the community coming forward, and helping this woman reconnect with family.

"Especially for someone who is kind of lost, isolated and doesn't have that support structure," said Doroshov. "We can return her back to family and friends where she will."

Still, police don't know how she got up to Northern California. Her name is not being released because a crime isn't suspected, police say.

The 46-year-old is in good health, per police, but nothing else can be shared due to privacy concerns.

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