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Coronavirus In Sacramento: County Parks Closed Through Easter To Prevent Crowds

SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) — Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are getting ready for an Easter weekend unlike any other – no gatherings, social distancing is required and in some areas, parks are closed.

The city of Sacramento will keep their parks open, but you're only supposed to be out with people you live with and must stay 6 feet away from others.

"I think for us we're going to hang at the park and stream a service and have a meal," said Dan Kung, who was at McKinley Park enjoying a picnic.

A simple plan like that won't be possible for everyone.

Sacramento County parks are closed this weekend. A spokesperson said that it eliminates access to boat launches and fishing areas.

No fishing is a huge disappointment to Terry Baldwin, who had just discovered Gibson Ranch County Park was closed when he talked to CBS13.

"Wow that's my last outlet, so I guess I'll be playing games on my phone or something like that," Baldwin said.

A nice long bike ride is still an option in the county. Bike trails are open but people must maintain 6 feet of social distance. County parks district spokesperson Ken Casparis said park rangers will be enforcing that.

"They'll be along the trails and making sure people that are using those trails are practicing social distancing," he said.

County golf courses are staying open, but again, 6 feet of social distancing is required.

If your plan is to stay home, you should know the Sacramento County public health order prohibits any sort of gathering with people outside of your household. So people aren't supposed to come over.

Easter will look and feel a lot lonelier this year, but we're all in this together.

For a list of Sacramento County Properties that are open and those that are closed, click here.

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