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Cockroach Infestation Hits Park In Folsom

FOLSOM (CBS13) - A cockroach infestation at a Folsom park has gone unnoticed until this past weekend.

A CBS13 viewer saw dozens of cockroaches running all over the local playground.

"They were all in the bark. they were all in the walls of the playground...on the drinking fountain," said Delilah Palen.

Palen's trip to Granite Park Sunday evening turned into the scare of her life. She says there were cockroaches everywhere.

"It was like a Fear Factor episode," said Palen.

She says she and her husband stopped at the park to enjoy the warm weather but had no idea they would walk into what she claims were thousands of cockroaches.

"They ran over our feet, they were crawling on my husband's shoes," Palen added.

Dozens of cockroaches were seen hiding under one of the trash cans near the playground Tuesday afternoon.

A CBS13 photographer lifted the can up to reveal a horde of cockroaches scurrying away from the light, looking for cover.

"To think of them crawling up a drinking fountain, ugh! It's terrifying," said Palen.

How long has Granite Park had this cockroach problem, and what are Folsom City officials doing about it?

"The city became aware of cockroaches at Granite Park through social media on Monday. A pest control company will be at the park Wednesday to treat the area," Christine Brainerd, the city's communications manager, wrote in a statement.

The city says it doesn't know what led to the infestation continues to monitor the park until the cockroaches are gone.

The city adds that other parks around Folsom have also had cockroach problems -- usually after food is left behind from things like picnics and barbecues.

"I've been coming here since I was a kid. I learned how to play tennis here. My grandpa used to help me fly my kite here. My brother even brings his kids here, " said Palen.

Her childhood memories are now tainted by the image of the hordes of cockroaches she saw at Granite Park –- a place she can no longer stand to be near.

"Never. Even if my tire is flat I will ride it on a rim somewhere else," said Palen.

The City of Folsom says it has a pest management protocol which it regularly follows to prevent infestations.

The city also plans to swap out the garbage cans at the playground.

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