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Call Kurtis: My McDonald's Receipt Doesn't Add Up

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) -- When a Roseville mom noticed her McDonald's receipt didn't add up, she decided to call Kurtis to investigate.

Lia Fetterhof took her kids to a Mcdonald's in Roseville earlier this month. She ordered through the Mcdonald's app and picked her food up through the drive-thru.

Lia bought each of her kids the same thing: one happy meal, one shamrock shake and one chocolate milk. A coupon let her get one Happy Meal for free. And if you add everything up, it comes out to $10.58.

But then why did Lia's receipt list the subtotal as $13.57?

"It's one of those things where you expect your receipt and the things that are itemized on there to actually reflect the subtotal," said Lia. "So when there's a $3 discrepancy, it's kind of like, where did my money go?"

Lia says she tried raising the issue with McDonald's customer service but wasn't getting anywhere. That's when she reached out to Kurtis.

We reached out to the McDonald's franchise owner who looked into it and found that the price Lia was charged was correct but the itemized receipt was wrong.

The shakes cost $2.99 each, but one of them showed up on the receipt as costing nothing. Sure enough, if you do the math, that accounts for the missing $2.99.

Mcdonald's said it was an "isolated incident" and did not respond to our other questions.

And after Kurtis got involved, Lia says she received a refund and some gift cards from Mcdonald's.

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