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Battle In Citrus Heights Over Nuisance Neighbor; Alleged Drug Activity Returns After Police Raid

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) - Citrus Heights police raided a house and arrested the homeowner - but days later, neighbors say the trash, drug activity and traffic are back.

"The concern is our safety," said neighbor Carita Idigpio.

People who live there say they've been dealing with nuisance neighbors for years.

Idigpio lives across the street and says her cameras catch the late night activity. She says dozens of cars come and go every night.

"The noise, the yelling, the screaming," she said.

She and others have reported what she calls drug issues to police. Last week, police got a search warrant for the home. Video shows Citrus Heights police armed with batons and guns outside, calling for those inside to come out the front door. Video shows one man come out with his arms up.

Two people were arrested, including the homeowner. Police say narcotics were found inside.

Hours after the raid, a sign went up outside the home. It tells late night visitors to go away saying police are watching.

The post was shared online by Citrus Heights police hoping for future peace.

"It was really insulting to me and my neighbors we could not believe, a note is on the door put there by one of the drug dealers.

"Okay, peace in the court, hell no, it's even worse," said Idigpio.

She says two days later, the homeowner was released from jail, and with him the trouble returned.

So why can't the police simply shut down the issues at this house?

Citrus Heights police tell CBS13 that at this point, Code Enforcement can't legally remove the homeowner from the block, or those he invites inside his home.

For Idigpio, she's concerned about the growing issues at night and also the homeowner himself.

"He's still a human being and I am concerned about his safety," she said.

Police say they are continuing to watch the home, though it demands resources the police department simply doesn't have.

Neighbors can take civil remedies. The city has a "Sue Thy Neighbor Program."

Multiple neighbors CBS13 spoke with say they're working on a lawsuit.

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