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Ceres Boy, 9, Wins National Boxing Title

CERES (CBS13) - A pint-sized boxer is bringing home some big titles. He's a southpaw from Stanislaus County with a near-perfect record. A bashful kid.

"Do you want to go pro?" asked CBS13.

"Maybe," he replied with a smile.

That's until you get nine-year-old Damon Flores of Ceres in the boxing ring.

Damon Flores

"He's real slick, crafty, moves a lot," said his father and boxing coach Damian Flores.

It doesn't take long to realize Flores has some serious talent.

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"He throws combinations and flurries and moves to where he hits, but isn't getting hit," added his father.

The pint-sized pugilist is in phenomenal shape.

"People are mesmerized by his physique and body structure," said his Dad.

He began boxing just over one year ago but is already making a huge impression.

"They say, 'Oh those kid's got muscles down his back' and you know he's just ripped up,'" said Flores.

Flores Junior is now ripping it up in the ring.

"He's got four National Titles, he's won three gold medals," added Dad.

Losing just one of 22 bouts.

"That was my 6th fight ever," said the La Rosa Elementary school third grader.

Earlier this month, Flores took home a pair of prestigious titles in just a two-week span.

"I was excited and got so happy," said Damon Flores.

"That was the pinnacle for us," added his Dad.

Eventually finishing first in the 9-to-10-year-old Pee-Wee, 70-pound division at the USA Boxing Youth National Championships in Louisiana.

"I can hear them. They were all yelling because I won," said Flores about his championship title win.

If you ask 'Team Flores' how Damon pulled it off, they'll tell you his older brothers Damian and Andre were a huge help.

"The older ones kind of rough up the little one so it makes him tough," said his Dad. "So when he spars with other kids his age it's a walk in the park for him."

His work ethic is also a major factor.

"I spar about 15 rounds a day," said Flores Junior.

That's on top of playing three other sports including football, baseball, and basketball.

"I like them all the same," said Flores. "I don't really have a favorite."

An athlete with a "god-given talent," his Dad said, with support from his entire family.

"It's wonderful. It's a blessing and you know, he's got it," he added.

The new title means Flores is now ranked #1 in the country for his age group.

His 12- and 13-year-old brothers are also outstanding boxers, often bringing home state and regional titles year after year.

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