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Boy, 9, Has Close Encounter With Prowler While Taking Out Trash In Carmichael

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — A prowler in a Carmichael neighborhood has neighbors on edge after he almost came face to face with a 9-year-old boy taking out the trash.

The child's parents are worried the stranger may have had a gun.

Evan Harris, the boy's father, said his security cameras captured the entire encounter as the man approached his home in Carmichael from the front then headed directly to the backyard.

"That's him coming back, this is him," Harris said while pointing to the security footage. "When he gets there...back behind the car, then he kinds of moseys on back."

Harris said the encounter happened Thursday evening around 5 p.m. and the stranger spent at least 15 minutes on his property walking around and peering in the windows.

It's when his son went to take out the trash and he looked at the surveillance image the Father realized just how close the encounter was.

Detailing the video, Harris said, "This is [my son] taking out the trash and this is [the prowler] coming back at the exact same time, and as [my son] is coming running inside, [the prowler] sees him, hides around the corner, looks like he pulls something from his waistband and takes a firing stance."

It's not clear if the man had a weapon and that's what makes Harris nervous but thankful his son was unharmed.

On hearing the news, neighbors were also alarmed knowing this man was prowling down the street. Jerry Reese lives a few doors down and pointed to other issues.

"In terms of the prowler, there are people that drive around slowly and want to look in my garage because of what's in there," Reese said.

The creeper lingered a while before leaving the neighborhood. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office said they have the video and are searching for the individual.

Harris said the prowler got off lucky stating, "If he would have stuck around long enough, he would have come face to face with a 59-pound blue nose pitbull."

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