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Call Kurtis: Tracy Kid's Basketball Hoop Arrives Broken After Online Purchase

TRACY (CBS13) — A Tracy 12-year-old was out nearly $500 after buying a basketball hoop that arrived broken.

The backboard that caught Julius Arias' eye was on Walmart's website. It was a 60-inch backboard with adjustable height and $484 including tax and shipping.

His mom, Monica Arias, gulped at the price.

"You want something with that price tag on it, you need to work for it," she said.

So Julius banked his birthday money and the cash his parents paid him for reading books. Five months later, the hoop was his.

"It was like my biggest purchase. It took me a couple minutes to hit the button though," he said.

"He just was super excited," Monica said.

But the package arrived mangled. Inside was a busted backboard.

"I was so mad," Julius said.

Mom says she spent weeks trying to get a replacement from Walmart.

"I've talked to, I want to say like eight people now, and nothing," Monica said.

Meanwhile, Julius was left staring at the broken backboard sitting in the garage.

"I can't even play," he said. "Only if I walk to the park, if I ask my dad to take me."

We reached out to Walmart to ask why the delay on a replacement or refund. They wouldn't tell us, but after we got involved, Julius got his money back.

He says the next backboard he buys will be from a physical store.

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