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California International Marathon Expected To Bring In $10M To City Of Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Thousands of athletes hit Sacramento tonight ahead of the 38th annual California International Marathon. The race, which took a year off due to the pandemic, is now a much-needed multi-million-dollar boost for local businesses.

With 9,000 runners and 1,000 relay-runners in the area, businesses are already starting to see an uptick in sales.

It's not just hotels and restaurants, but other businesses particularly along the racecourse are seeing a flood of customers.

Because the course goes through Folsom, Orangevale, Fair Oaks—just to name a few—it's not only downtown Sacramento that is benefitting from the crowds.

With upwards of 10,000 runners in town, the estimated financial impact for the region is in the area of 10 million dollars.

This comes from a combination of an estimated 7,500 hotel bookings as well as other forms of tourism and dining.

Set to start at 7 a.m. on Sunday, the racecourse is already buzzing with excitement from the runners and their families.

For information on which roads will be closed or blocked off, you can read our article, here, addressing these specific concerns.

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