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Second Suspect Sought After Surveillance Video Shows Thieves Steal Dump Truck From Irrigation District In Yuba County

BROWNS VALLEY (CBS13) — A second suspect has been identified after a brazen burglary was caught on a surveillance camera at a tiny irrigation district in Yuba County.

Sean Allen Lange, 51, of Forbestown is wanted by the Yuba County Sheriff's Department for several charges including burglary, auto theft, possession of stolen property, and possession of a firearm and ammunition by a prohibited person, according to a press release.

Following the arrest of Hubert Townshend on Nov. 5 for possession of stolen property in the irrigation theft investigation, the investigation reportedly led detectives to the second suspect and different location of additional stolen property in Forbestown.

In October, thieves broke in and drove off with a dump truck, and a long list of tools, leaving the already small operation in a big bind.

Kelly McNally is the general manager of the Browns Valley Irrigation District.

"The community is definitely enraged by this theft and takes it personally," McNally said earlier this month.

Surveillance video shows thieves driving off with the district's dump truck.

The crooks also took off with two trailers, three ATVs and a long list of tools including chain saws, pole saws and weed eaters.

"Rolled these up and drove everything out, tied them down," McNally said. "They didn't even bring tie-downs. They used our tie-downs to take our own equipment."

McNally says the two broke through a gate to get on the property and likely hotwired the dump truck. They were on the property for about 45 minutes late at night.

The Yuba County Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant on Nov. 15 where deputies say they saw a while Ford F-150 and a white Polaris Ace on the property. The truck reportedly matched the description of the suspect vehicle seen in multiple security videos of recent property crimes, including the burglary at Browns Valley Irrigation District.

The Polaris was also determined to be the one stolen at the site last month.

However, during the search, deputies said Lange fled on the Polaris and evaded capture. He remains wanted at this time, and law enforcement is asking anyone with information to contact them.

Rick Knoll is a ratepayer with the Browns Valley Irrigation District.

He'll likely see his bill increase because of the criminal act.

"That gets your blood boiling," Knoll said. "Get 'em! [sic] All of 'em!"

This small irrigation district, hit by a bold burglary, is forced to find a long list of new equipment.

"It's definitely hard," McNally said. "The supply chain is going to be an obstacle for us."

That dump truck did have the Browns Valley Irrigation District logo on the doors. In all, the thieves took off with about $75,000 worth of equipment that will all need replacing.

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