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South Sacramento Bingo Hall Remains Open Amid Volunteer's Coronavirus Concerns

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Coronavirus concerns aren't keeping people away from the bingo tables, and one volunteer at a bingo hall in South Sacramento says that's ridiculous.

Players are handed flyers about COVID-19 at the Florin Road Bingo Hall in South Sacramento, giving bingo-goers suggestions on how to keep themselves safe and stop the spread of the virus. The flyers recommend players face the caller instead of each other to prevent the spread. Additionally, according to the hall's voicemail, workers are making sure to spray and wipe down the facility every night.

CBS13 was able to go inside the hall long enough to see some people with masks on before we were escorted outside. One volunteer was not happy about being at the hall Friday night. She said many who go to bingo are elderly and have underlying health conditions.

"I know that they kicked you guys out, but if you go in there, masks, walkers, canes, oxygen tanks, that's all this place is on a regular basis," volunteer Rachelle Marshall said. "Money is being put over the health and safety — over everybody here."

When asked, Marshall said she thought the bingo hall should not be open.

Volunteers said they feel they have to be out at the hall because their nonprofits would not get money if they did not show up for their shift.

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