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Proposed State Bill Protects Workers Quarantined Due To Coronavirus

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — We should expect to hear about more quarantines as the number of people possibly exposed to the novel coronavirus continues to increase.

SF Supermarket Manager Natalie Nguyen isn't taking any chances in light of the coronavirus. Nguyen went as far as to ask employees who have traveled to Vietnam or China to self-quarantine and not return to work for 14 days and until they have been cleared by a doctor. 

"I let all the employees know that if you have any family that come back from China, Vietnam or any place that has the virus, you need to let us know as soon as possible," Nguyen said. "Because I need to protect other people too, not only you and your family but other people, other families too."

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CBS13 talked with Thuy Dao over the phone as she takes care of her mom, one of the workers asked to stay home. Her mother traveled to Vietnam for four weeks and arrived back in Sacramento at the end of February.

"That (quarantine) is a good thing to protect any other co-workers," said Dao.

State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) just introduced a new bill to protect workers quarantined in a public health emergency. SB 3123 ensures they can use their sick days and adds protections if they're out of them, safeguarding workers from retaliation or discrimination. The bill would also protect people forced to stay home to take care of children impacted when schools shut down in a public health emergency.

For Dao, her mom's health and easing any concerns are more important than anything else.

"I have a job and I have an income, so I can cover for her for two weeks. I don't mind," said Dao.

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