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Anonymous Apology From Admitted Vandal Delivered To East Sacramento Pizza Restaurant

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A smash and dash about two weeks ago happened at Rodney Ibanez's business, Steve's Pizza, along J Street in East Sacramento.

On Wednesday, security cameras inside the restaurant captured someone dropping off an envelope. Inside was an anonymous apology and much more.

"Someone was trying to take ownership for it, which is all we really wanted in the first place. I just wanted someone to own it. They took ownership of what happened, apologized and left some cash," Ibanez said.

There was $2,000 inside the letter, which Ibanez said he plans to use for restaurant enhancements.

The letter was signed by the more vulgar word for a jerk "that broke your window." He said that he was hammered and didn't what he did until a friend had told him.

"If you look at the video footage, I mean this person wasn't really sober. You could tell. He was just swerving around a bit," Ibanez said.

His shop's security cameras captured a group walking by, and then a shocking discovery.

"I don't understand why they would want to do that. It looked like it was just like a random act." Ibanez said. "Who literally in the right mind would want to pick up a grate and smash it through somebody's window, you know? That's just not something you normally do."

The anonymous figure said he would've come forward sooner had he known, hoping to keep police out of this and that Ibanez knows how much shame he feels.

"At this point, someone apologized. They tried to take care of it financially. It's water under the bridge," Ibanez said.

Ibanez said he filed a police report for the broken window. Sacramento police confirmed an online report was filed on March 19.

But, when asked if he would still pursue the report, Ibanez said he'll probably drop it now that the window is fixed, the letter was dropped off, and he now wants to move on.

"They're willing to accept responsibility, obviously, to a certain extent," Ibanez said. They didn't come in and talk to me face-to-face. I mean I'd like that. Sit down, have some pizza and we could talk about it, right?"

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