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Magnitude-6.5 Earthquake In Western Nevada Felt Across Northern California

TONOPAH, Nev. (CBS13) - A 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Nevada was felt across our region on Friday morning.

Shakemap of the earthquake provided by USGS.

According to preliminary information from USGS, at 4:03 a.m., the earthquake occurred in an area 37 miles west of the town of Tonopah, in western Nevada.

It was followed by several aftershocks, one measuring 5.1.

People in places well removed from the epicenter, such as downtown Sacramento, Ceres, Loomis, Isleton, Citrus Heights, and Turlock, reported feeling the quake. Some say they were even woken up by it.

Aftermath of the earthquake on US-95 in Nevada. (Credit: Esmeralda County Sheriff's Office)

Some reports of damage from the earthquake are starting to come in. The Esmeralda County Sheriff's Office says several areas of US-95 have buckled after the quake.

The earthquake was originally rated a 6.4-magnitude. It has since been upgraded by USGS to a 6.5.


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