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Amazon is making Amazon Fire TVs now, and you can order yours today

Amazon Alexa remote
Amazon's new line of proprietary Fire TVs is sure to be high on many holiday wish lists this year. Getty Images

Amazon just keeps pushing the ball forward in the tech space.

In 2005, the company launched it's fast-and-free-shipping subscription, Amazon Prime. In 2014, Amazon introduced the world to Alexa, a virtual assistant that would come to rival Apple's Siri. And now, in 2021, Amazon is disrupting the industry again, announcing its own proprietary line of Fire TV smart sets.

Of course, Amazon has been selling TVs — typically budget-friendly units from manufacturers such Toshiba and Insignia — with Fire TV operating system for years. But now, Amazon's taking the manufacturing reins.

The two new units, announced in September 2021, are the Fire TV 4-Series and the Fire TV Omni Series. Both units have 4K UHD resolution and feature HDR support and integrated connectivity between TV and other Amazon devices like Ring cameras and Echo speakers.

And, naturally, you won't need an additional Fire TV Stick or Cube, because Amazon's streaming interface comes pre-installed in the unit. If you prefer AppleTV or another streaming device, you can connect that via one of four HDMI ports.

The 4-Series and Omni are available for pre-order today and scheduled to ship on Oct. 27, 2021.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series


This new model is available in three sizes - 43-, 50- and 55-inch - and starts at $370.

All of the 4-Series sizes have 4K resolution and HDR 10. And all sizes of this model integrate seamlessly into your Amazon device lineup. Hands-free control works through the Alexa voice remote or the Fire TV app.

If you're shopping for a mid-sized 4K TV, this model is just a little pricier than TCL's Roku TVs of similar size and performance specs.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series, $369 and up

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series


The Omni is available in five sizes, from 43 to 75 inches along the diagonal. Prices range from $410 to just under $1,100.

But what do you get for the extra money?

The two largest units (65 and 75 inches) come with enhanced Dolby Vision HDR capabilities.

The Omni also takes your Amazon-centric connectivity one step further than its less expensive cousin, giving you the ability to picture-in-picture your favorite show and the live video from your Ring camera. Additionally, with this model, you won't have to talk into your remote: The Omni comes equipped with a far-field microphone for hands-free requests ala "Alexa, play TikTok."

For the privacy hawks out there, the Omni also has a manual switch under the screen that allows you to switch off the microphone.

The Amazon Fire TV Omni Series is available in a black or silver metal finish.

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series, starting at $409

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