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Yaser Said faces automatic life sentence in prison after saying he didn't kill his 2 daughters

Yaser Said faces automatic life sentence in prison after saying he didn't kill his 2 daughters
Yaser Said faces automatic life sentence in prison after saying he didn't kill his 2 daughters 02:46

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Justice finally came on Tuesday for two teenage girls murdered nearly 14 years ago. 

A Dallas County jury took about three hours to find Yaser Said guilty of murdering his two daughters, Amina and Sarah. 

This verdict was not a surprise considering the evidence and Said's years long effort to evade capture. 

But what continues to surprise some is Said's stubborn refusal to accept any responsibility for ending the lives of his daughters. 

He appeared to show no emotion after hearing the guilty verdict that comes with an automatic life sentence with no parole. 

"The result of this offense is that he will die in prison which is our goal for him under these circumstances," Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot said. "It's awful for anybody to kill anyone but especially the two children, that is certainly the epitome of evil."

Said's attorney still maintains his client is innocent despite the jury's decision. 

"This is a case where there are no witnesses, there's no forensic science to it," Said's attorney, Brad Lollar said.

During his murder trial, the 65-year-old, who spent 12 years on the run, appeared detached and defiant on the witness stand when he denied shooting his 18-year-old Amina and 17-year-old Sarah. 

Said claimed someone else must have killed his daughters, who were found dead in a taxi he had been driving and abandoned outside an Irving hotel. 

But prosecutors presented evidence that Said was angry and shot the teens because they were dating people who were not Muslims. 

"I think from the evidence, you can see he was probably a true narcissist," Prosecutor Lauren Black said. "He believes that he's smarter than everyone else, he believes everyone is inferior to him, especially women."

That may have been on display after the verdict when his ex-wife, Patricia Owens, read a victim impact statement, about the years of abuse she endured along with their daughters. 

"You deserve to die now, not wait in prison," Owens said. "That mean look... your glaring at me.. I'm not scared of you anymore."

At one point, the judge admonished Said for trying to talk to his attorney and seeming to ignore what was being said before he goes to prison. 

"You don't know what love is, I don't think you even know what hate is, you don't know what anything is," Owens said.

Said's attorneys say they plan to appeal the verdict. He also faces federal charges related to his 12 years on the run. 

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