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'Who Steals A Cheese Grater?' – Officials Say Meth Use Leading To More Crime

TURKEY CREEK, Kentucky (CBSDFW.COM) – A Floyd County, Kentucky man found himself on the wrong end of a gun after chasing down his cousin who allegedly burglarized his house.

Officials say meth use in on the rise in the area leading to an uptick in crime according to WYMT-TV.

"Must have been a bad batch around here cause Floyd County has went crazy here in the last four days," said victim Mason Tackett.

Neighbors said they saw Tackett's cousin Phillip Matthew Hagans carrying items from his house.

"When I finally got down here to the house to look and see what happened the door was standing wide open," said Tackett. "It look like he was packing up for a yard sale when he come out."

That is when Tackett confronted Hagans.

"He was lying throwing his hands. Saying stuff like 'I didn't do it, I didn't do it.' You know how rogues do," said Tackett. "Blame it on everybody else."

Then things got dangerous.

"He did pull a gun on me when I got back around the house," said Tackett. "I guess he thought I was upset with him."

The list of stolen items were those not normally the target of a burglar.

"Who steals a cheese grader?" asked Tackett. "He's got the works...Lysol... he stole an empty bottle of spray," Tackett continued. "What got me the most was my soap. He stole my soap! Who steals soap!?"

Tackett said he plans to file additional charges against Hagans. Officials did not say Hagans was facing any meth-related charges.

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