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Whitt's End: 4.12.13

RW - Whitt's End

Whether you've reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*How do you deteriorate into an 8-8 franchise that annually struggles to maintain a deep, competitive roster? By drafting like the Dallas Cowboys did in a four-year span from '06-'09. Over those four years the Cowboys drafted 34 players. Today, only four remain on their roster – Jason Hatcher, Anthony Spencer, Doug Free and Orlando Scandrick. Ouch.

*Nolan Ryan is staying with the Rangers as CEO. Embarrassing? Maybe. Surprising? Not a bit. That is, if you listened to a certain someone back in Spring Training. Ring a bell?

*Carlos Quentin has long dived into pitches. Should be no surprise when he gets plunked. And there's no way Zack Greinke was trying to hit him last night with a 3-2 pitch in a 2-1 game. Still, pitchers need to chill. Don't talk noise to a guy bigger and madder than you after you hit him. Or else, like Greinke, you wind up with the hurt and humiliation of a broken collar bone.

*Last time the Mavericks missed the playoffs – in '00 – Don Nelson was the coach, they played in Reunion Arena and Survivor was making its TV debut. The Mavs' 12-year playoff run is the longest in Metroplex sports history. Neither the Cowboys (9), Stars (5) nor Rangers (3) can touch it.

*Doesn't North Korea strike you as the little brother who'd draw on the wall with a crayon just to get attention? They're more amusing than dangerous.

*The Angels are 2-7. Josh Hamilton is hitting .200. Failure Jesus, doin' work!

*In this space one year ago: Major concerns about closer Joe Nathan, who started season 0-2 … Terence Newman and Bradie James leave the Cowboys … Sybil and I come out of the dating "closet." … Lamar Odom, paid to go away by the Mavs.



*Separated at birth: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Scott, the "Feed Your Lawn!" guy.

*Justin Grimm and the Rangers beat Felix Hernandez and the Mariners last night. I'm not making that up.

*Not trying to rub it in, but I've enthusiastically accepted an invitation to be a judge for this year's Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders auditions. Nothing like hand-picking ripe bananas.

*The Cowboys own the 18th pick in this year's NFL Draft. Only one Hall of Famer has grown from that spot – Redskins' receiver Art Monk out of Syracuse in '80. Dallas has tried Sonny Gibbs ('62), Mike Sherrard ('86) and Bobby Carpenter ('06) at 18, each with disastrous results.

*At 14 I was fighting my Dad to not get my hair cut. At 14 China's Tiangling Guan shot 73 at The Masters and is threatening to make the cut. Amazing.

*The other night at a DFW Rescue Me charity auction benefitting dogs, I bought a billboard. That's right, a 15x50-foot billboard, at the busy intersection of 635/Preston in North Dallas. Now, what to put on it? A photo of Sybil in a bikini along with my twitter address? Or just a phone number to see what kind of wacky calls I'd get? A 105.3 The Fan "Embrace Your Rage" logo? Stay tuned.

*This weekend? Today we're at Texas Motor Speedway for NASCAR. Tomorrow morning it's tennis, then back to the track for the NRA 500. I'll either be in Eddie Gossage's fancy schmancy suite or getting' down and dirty in an infield campground. Then, Masters Sunday. What else? Don't be a stranger.

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