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Wet Weather Turns To Ice In Parts Of North Texas

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - A cold winter rain suddenly turned to ice west of Fort Worth Friday afternoon, coating trees and power lines.

As much as one-tenth of an inch of ice accumulated in Aledo, Weatherford and Mineral Wells. The event left hundreds of homes without power.

Electric crews said the outages were spotty, primarily caused by branches leaning on power lines and causing circuits to short. Roads iced up for several hours in the late afternoon, but many were just wet by early evening.

Some people said the severity of the storm caught them off guard.

In the Dillow home in Aledo, the family was using the lights on their cellphones to navigate the dark house.

Megan Dillow said everyone was putting on extra layers of clothes as the house started to get cold. "We have the heaters, the electric ones, but you have to plug 'em in."

To the west, near the small town of Brock the ice was thicker in some spots. Tyler Hall's car was encased in it, but he still had power at the house. "Got TV, got internet, everything's good so far," he said. "It's just power lines are sagging and trees are sagging."

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