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Wendy Davis Attacks Greg Abbott In First Debate

EDINBURG (CBS 11 NEWS) - It was the hottest ticket in town. Hundreds of people came to watch Democrat Wendy Davis take-on Republican Greg Abbott in their first debate for Governor.

Davis attacked Abbott early and often. She criticized the Attorney General for defending the state's nearly $5.5 billion in education cuts three years ago - and asked him directly about a judge's ruling against the state.

"On behalf of the five million children of this state, will you agree tonight that you will drop your appeal and allow our schools to be appropriately funded?"

Abbott responded, "A law you voted on and helped pass in 2011 that removes from the attorney general the ability to settle lawsuits just like this. It is important to understand what i want to do is creating as governor, a better education system in this state."

Davis replied, "What you are doing is short changing our school children and it's wrong."

Both supported increasing border security. But they strongly disagreed over‎ raising the minimum wage.

Davis said, "Once again my opponent is looking out for his inside friends, not for Texas families who would benefit if they've worked a hard days work."

Abbott said, "What we need to do is get government off the backs of businesses and let the free market do this."

Political analysts I spoke with say neither candidate made any mistakes or scored a political knockout. As a result, they say Abbott will likely maintain his lead over Davis.

The second and final debate is in Dallas on September 30.

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