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Weight Loss Wednesday: Ways To Fight Cravings

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - With week two of our Weight Loss Wednesday series wrapping up, our couples are sharing a common complaint: cravings.

"I had a really good burger last night and some ice cream. It was really good, and I woke up," said Lonnie Wightman. He's doing the Flexitarian diet along with his wife Erika.

While weight loss slowed down for all the couples, they all said they're feeling better.

"We have a lot more energy," said Syreeta Hollins who's doing Whole30 with her husband Derrick.

Everyone also said they're also noticing changes in how their clothing fits. Melissa Gonzalez and her husband Juan Collazo are doing the Keto diet. They're pretty surprised by their results so far.

"At first he was apprehensive about the diet, but now he is talking about doing it long-term," Melissa said.

Experts say cravings usually hit in the afternoon when your blood sugar levels drop off from your lunch levels. The Mayo Clinic has a few suggestions to fight back:
- Eat something healthy first, because it's easier to fight off the cravings when you aren't hungry.
- Change your mental picture: when a craving hits, replace the image with yourself doing an activity you like.
- Distract yourself: Cravings typically pass after 20 minutes. Take a walk, or call a friend to get you through it.

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