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Weekend Weather Leaves Trail Of Damage

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 News) - Sever thunder storms and high winds that passed through North Texas over the weekend are to blame for some extensive damage in a few concentrated areas of the metroplex.

In Denton, high winds are to blame for a large awning collapse at a 7-11 gas station on W University Drive and Malone Street.

The awning is large enough to have done some hefty damage had a person or car been parked below it. Thankfully, no one was injured.

A witness tells CBS 11 News that the awning was swaying in the wind right before it crashed.

"Could have been someone standing there. That's the first thing I thought of," John Brown exclaimed.

The weekend's weather has included flash flood warnings one day - a high wind advisory next. For North Texas, the rapid changes in weather is nothing of of the ordinary considering recent weeks' weather.

Saturday was the wettest day in North Texas in three months. All the rain is now being blamed for a road collapse in Fort Worth.

(credit: Gary Sutton)

For some, it was yet another reason to spend the final day of Spring Break inside. At North Lake Park in Denton, all that could be heard Sunday was the sound of wind.

Until, that is, some soccer players arrived. The group off three said they were waiting on their friends to join, most of whom did not show.

The three who came first didn't last long.

"Don't like it," Dan Martin, one of the soccer players said, "Don't like the wind at all."

'I've gotten used to it - four seasons in one week," Brown said.

So if you don't like the weather in Texas...just wait a minute!

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