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Wednesday's Warriors: The Martell Family

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ROCKWALL (CBS11) - Our Wednesday's Warriors this week have taken on far more than her fair share.

Nine-year-old Simran Martell is just weeks into recover from brain surgery.  The aspiring soccer player is slowly working on getting back to her big dreams.

But it was a recent fall at school that led to an MRI and a dream nearly shattered.

And that was deja vu for Jonathan and Heidi Martell.

"It was right around the year anniversary of her passing that we got his diagnosis," said Heidi Martell.

As the family learned of the brain tumor, they were still grieving the loss of 14-year-old, Luna. Simran's older sister lived a lot of life in her 14 short years.

"She loved going camping, she loved the beach," said Jonathan Martell.

"She always wanted to be barefoot, playing soccer or chasing frogs," said Heidi.

Luna died last year of liver cancer after fighting more than half her life.

"She would be well then the cancer would come back in a different place -- in the lung or back in the liver," said Heidi.

That's what made Simran's diagnosis so hard and so unfair.

"The idea of losing another child was just... Unbearably painful for both of us to think about it," said Heidi.

But the Martells are not alone.  Friends who were there the first time, never left.

"I love Rockwall. The people here are phenomenal," said Jonathan.



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