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Popular Wedding Venue In North Texas Town Of Blum Severely Damaged By Tornado

BLUM, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - A family in the Hill County town of Blum is taking stock of what's left behind of their property, one that doubled as a wedding venue.

"Barn on the Brazos" was in the path of an E-F2 tornado that went through Blum Monday night, May 3 with winds of 130 mph.

On Tuesday, the family had a tough time dealing with the loss of barns, reception spaces and their home that's been on the property for 60 years.

Tornado damage in Blum, Texas
Tornado damage in Blum, Texas (Nicole Nielsen - CBS 11)

"It was just beautiful and it's unbelievable that this can even happen," said Jill Levy, a family member.

Levy's parents used to own the property before passing it onto her brother, Curtis, who now lives here and runs their wedding venue.

He was home last night, when the tornado hit.

"I was texting my brother, and they thought they were OK. There was just rain and hail and just storms kind of around," Levy said. "He saw it and ran to the cellar and got in."

Luckily no one was hurt. But emotionally, they're dealing with loss.

"It's way worse than I expected," said the niece of the owner, "to come here and actually see it, it's terrible."

Tornado damage in Blum, Texas
Tornado damage in Blum, Texas (Nicole Nielsen - CBS 11)

The family says there wasn't damage around the rest of the Blum.

They believe that last nights tornado only hit them.

"I am not hearing of any other spots…it just seemed to have come down, this line and dropped down the house and mainly that area," Levy said.

The National Weather Service confirmed the length of the tornado was 3.36 miles long.

Their property is about 800 acres.

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