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Weather Has North Texans Sniffling, Sneezing & More

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - If you've been feeling a bit under the weather, you might be able to actually blame it on the weather.

Many North Texas medical clinics and doctors say they've had an increase in the number of patients being seen and particles in the air from Tuesday's West Texas dust storm aren't helping. Brush fires in the Texas panhandle also aren't making things better.

Wednesday afternoon the sun was out and the wind was bearable, but going outside may be the last thing a medical expert recommends.

Doctor James Haden, with the Allergy & Asthma Clinic of Fort Worth, admitted, "This year has been a little worse than usual."

According to Haden, the recent weather has awakened a seasonal monster -- mountain cedar. He says the unfavorable outdoor conditions seem to on and on. "You've got the temperature changes, the dry air, the high pollen counts and the viruses this winter and then now, when it's usually starting to warm up, we are starting to see the spring pollen trees starting to pollinate and then the grass…"

North Texan Frank Perez and his son are both battling allergies and asthma. "This morning I came out my eyes were itchy and I had a little a runny nose," he said, adding that his son, "…gets really bad wheezing. He's been having real massive nose bleeds."

From doctors offices to urgent care clinics it's been a steady stream of patents over the last couple of days.

These past few days the Expedian Urgent Care clinic in Mansfield has had every room full. Some patients said their symptoms are so severe that an allergy shot is the only way to cope.

"It's gotten a lot better. The symptoms aren't as bad," patient Carlo Rendon said of his medical improvement.

Other people are trying to cope by using over-the-counter medication, but those products are a hot commodity and many store shelves are empty.

Doctors say the best defense is to just stay inside.

According to experts, another problem is that severe allergies can often mimic the flu. If your symptoms don't get better and you have a fever then you need to see a physician.

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