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Waxahachie Firefighters Celebrate 15 Kids Born Within A Year At Department

WAXAHACHIE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - "Don't drink the water at the Waxahachie Fire Department" is the message firefighters are sharing after a fourth of them became new dads in the just the last year. Fifteen kids -- seven boys and eight girls -- were born.

"Definetley not planned," firefighter wife Allison Duwe said. "It just happened."

"We were just like another one.. another one," Courtney Brown said.

Waxahachie Fire Department
Waxahachie firefighters with their babies. (Waxahachie Fire Department/Facebook)

Duwe decided to capture the moment. She said, as any parent knows, they don't stay small for long.

"I just thought it would be a lot of fun to get them all together to document a big year of growth," she said.

Duwe took photos of all of the dads and their kids together. They were posted on the Waxahachie Fire-Rescue Department Facebook page, and just like the babies, the responses started multiplying.

"A lot of we know what they do when they're off for 48 hours or they really know how to put out fire," new mom Brittany Hildreth said.

"Don't drink the water and I had twins so they were like 'how much water did you drink?'" Jason Eubanks said.

"One said they really know how to work their hoses," Brown said.

The photo has now been shared more than 700 times, but all jokes aside, the families said the baby boom has created a tighter bond.

"It does play well into family life," Jay Wilemon said. "We all pretty much share the same problems, concerns, joys on the home front and then we come to work and get to share that with our second family."

"It's a wonderful thing as a wife and a mom to be able to bring my kids up to the station and be able to interact with other moms," Hildreth said.

"It's inevitable they're going to be friends," Marcus Brown said.

The parents said future photoshoots are coming and maybe even a calendar.

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