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Video: Men Disguised As Bus; Man Attaches 15 Phones To Bike For Pokemon Go

(CBSDFW.COM) -- We had to share the story behind two -- attention grabbing rides -- captured in videos now going viral.

The Feet On The Bus Go Up And Down

First up is a group of four men dressed as a bus in the Russian city of Vladivostok.

They were apparently attempting to cross a vehicle only bridge disguised as a yellow bus. Amazingly -- it didn't work.

They were stopped by security and forced to do a U-turn.

The Golden Bridge opened in 2012 and does not allow pedestrians to cross it, despite protests from local residents as it is the shortest way into the city center.

Pokémon Go Fanatic

Next up is seventy year old Taiwanese Pokémon Go fanatic Chen San-Yuan. He has fifteen phones attached to the front of his bike --- so he can 'catch them all'.

Chen says he learned about Pokémon Go from his grandson, and likes using the bike to make friends with other collectors.

Like most seniors in Taiwan, Chen has plenty of time to spend, so he usually rides his bike with fan-shaped mobile phone mounts attached and searches for Pokémon whenever he's out and about.

Pokemon Go, jointly developed by Nintendo Co and Niantic Inc in July 2016, has been the biggest hit so far among games using so-called augmented reality, where digital characters are superimposed on the real world.


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