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Video: Brutal Attack By Garland Officers On Suspect

GARLAND (CBSDFW.COM) - It was the longest suspension of an officer in Garland Police history. But the man who that officer was caught on video beating says it's still not enough.

Surveillance video from the Garland Detention Center and obtained by CBS11 News shows Officer Donald Fernandez delivering blows to the head and a knee to the face of Noah Lofquist after removing the suspect's handcuffs.

"It kind of seemed a little surreal at the time," says Lofquist.

The 37-year-old suspect admits to mouthing off at the officer after he was arrested at a hotel.

"On the way to the jail I was kind of taunting the officer little bit," says Lofquist.

Lofquist says while he was intoxicated, he even challenged the officer to a fight, if his handcuffs were off. But when they arrived at the jail, the officer had apparently heard enough and when he removed the cuffs, he went after Lofquist.

"I was sober enough at that point to know not to do anything because I didn't want my situation to get any worse," says Lofquist.

In the internal affairs investigation that followed, Fernandez and his partner were recorded saying to each other: "I got him solid," and "Yea I (expletive) clocked his ass good didn't I?"

Fernandez received a 56 day suspension, the longest the department can remember giving any officer. But Lofquist thought he deserved criminal charges.

"I have a lot of respect for the good police but the bad ones like him he gives them all a bad name," says Lofquist.

A Garland police spokesman told CBS11 "This type of behavior is obviously unacceptable. The expectations of our officers is very clear to do what's right," says Pedro Barineau.

Lofquist spent a week in jail.

The Collin County father says he ha s remained sober for months since then and regrets challenging the officer to a fight. But he says that's no excuse for the officer's actions.

"I feel bad about the things I said... I wasn't in my right mind at the time I was raised better than that," says Lofquist.

The officer disciplined for excessive force, resigned days after his unpaid suspension ended since he faced another unrelated internal affairs investigation.

His partner received a written reprimand and a supervisor received a three day suspension.


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