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VIDEO: BBC Reporter Mobbed By Lemurs

NORFOLK, England (CBSDFW.COM) – When lemurs attack!

At times, multitasking can be tough for many, especially if a pack of lemurs is taking over your work space.

BBC news reporter Alex Dunlop held together as best he could while reporting on animal numbers within the Banham Zoo in Norfolk, England.

BBC Reporter Mobbed By Lemurs
BBC Reporter Mobbed By Lemurs (Credit: BBC)

But the frisky lemurs had other plans as the cameraman tries to keep him on track. "Lovely with the tails... oh just go for it," the unnamed cameraman said. "Anytime you like," he continued – prodding the courageous reporter to continue.

Dunlop was interrupted just as he started to speak. "And I'm at one of the - ow, ow, you little nipper," said Dunlop.

Dunlop survived to report another day.

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