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Veterinarian Cares For Two Legged Dogs

FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) - The three puppies were just hours old, when someone left them and their mother in the drop box at Dallas Animal Services.

"I think someone got freaked out," said Dr. Erin Schults, a veterinarian and founder of Mazie's Mission.

Though one was born healthy, her two brothers, Moose and Maverick, were missing both front legs.

The shelter called Dr. Schults, who took them home.

"At the very beginning, they were just pushing themselves on their face," said Schults. "The first three weeks, I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing by you know keeping them alive.  I was really concerned they weren't going to have a good quality life."

Schults realized she'd have to teach the pups to walk on just their back legs.  So, she designed a slanted stand for their food bowl.  "It encourages them to use their back legs to come up to get the food," she said.

Their legs did get stronger, and so did their spirits.  "Their personalities started to come out," she said. "That changed everything. That's when I knew that they - that THEY were okay with it."

The two brothers still struggle to teeter on two legs, but they keep trying.  If they succeed, they wouldn't be the first.

In Oklahoma, a two legged dog named Faith became famous for walking like a human.  The puppies aren't quite there yet, but Schults is now confident they will be.  "You can look at them and see that they're happy, they're healthy - and they will walk, they will," she said.

Dr. Schults expects it will take several months to get Moose and Maverick comfortable on their hind legs. After that, they will be available for adoption.

For more information, contact Mazie's Mission.

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