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Use Of Force By Trump Administration Could Impact Texas

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DALLAS (CBS11) - First it was 59 missiles launched in Syria. Then it was announced on Thursday there was the "Mother Of All Bombs" dropped in Afghanistan. Now there are reports of possible engagement with North Korea.

Police and national security expert Dr. David Grantham with the National Center of Policy Analysis said the recent military engagements could impact North Texas.

Grantham said he expects to see increased security in major public hubs like the airport, sports arenas and on public transportation.

He believes the Trump Administration is trying to send a message that it will use whatever is in its arsenal to combat any threats.

It is a major shift from the Obama Administration's approach.

If the trend of engaging enemies continues, Grantham said Texas could start seeing a lot of movement in terms of deployments.

Fort Hood is one of the most widely used forces in the U.S. Army.

"I think Americans need to be cautious and aware that the world is coming to a point where something has to change," said Grantham. "Either terrorism will grow and continue. Russian will support Syria and Iran and fund these type of activities. Or they won't. So we are on some sort of collision course."

Grantham believes since the U.S. in engaging with countries it traditionally has not in the past, it is unclear how the impacted countries will respond if at all.

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