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US Lawmakers From Texas Release Statements Following House Votes To Impeach President Trump

WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – U.S. lawmakers from Texas issued statements Wednesday night after the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) said in a statement:

"In a betrayal of the Constitution, Democrats finally got what they've been gunning for since the very day President Trump was duly elected to serve in the Oval Office. Despite failing miserably in their prolonged, desperate campaign to frame him for crimes he didn't commit, they moved forward with a vote to remove a sitting president from office based on nothing more than their personal and political opposition.

"This is the thinnest, fastest and weakest impeachment our country has ever seen – rooted in a congratulatory phone call where there are no crimes alleged, where there is no victim, and where Democrats themselves could never decide what to even accuse the president of doing wrong. The Founders intended impeachment to be used for actions so extraordinary that it would happen only three times in almost 2 1/2 centuries. Alexander Hamilton warned of impeachment being used politically by the party that had the most votes. Today's impeachment is the Founders' worst nightmare.

"When voters go to the polls next November, I hope they'll hold Democrats accountable for wasting countless hours and taxpayer dollars on this disgraceful impeachment hoax that was designed to control the outcome of the 2020 election."

After voting against both articles of impeachment, United States Congressman Van Taylor issued the following statement:

"Since taking the majority in January, some House Democrats have set their sights on impeaching the President resulting in an incredibly partisan impeachment process with a predetermined outcome despite an ever-changing set of accusations. This process ignored historical precedent, disregarded due process, and trampled over nearly every judicial standard we hold sacred as Americans.

"Less than a year away from a Presidential election is not the time for 435 politicians to override the will of the American people, nullifying millions of votes, and remove a President who some in the opposing political party disagree with.

"Outside of declaring war, voting to impeach a duly elected President of the United States is the most serious vote a Member of Congress can take, and I have yet to see anything that rises to the level of impeachment."

Democratic Congressman Marc Veasey said in a statement:

"I came to Congress in 2013 to serve the people of North Texas and ensure that our government best serves the people of our great nation. While I have served in the people's house I have had the privilege of joining my colleagues to vote to lower prescription drug costs, create jobs for North Texans, and restore voting rights—real progress for the people I came to serve.

All of our nation's progress stands in jeopardy because the occupant of our nation's highest office is jeopardizing our Constitution. That is why I voted today for both articles of impeachment put forth against our president, because when I took my oath of office I swore to defend the Constitution, even if that meant having to hold the nation's president accountable.

The decision to impeach our president was one I did not come to easily. However, the recent evidence that has come to light makes it clear that our president abused the power of his office for his personal and political gain, at the expense of our national security.

I want to make sure that my son can grow up knowing that America is a beacon of democracy for countries around the world, and that many brave men and women shed their blood to make our great nation what it is today. However, I cannot do that in good faith until we make sure that the American people know that no one is above the law, not even the occupant of our highest office."

Congressman Mike Conaway (TX-11) released the following statement after voting against both articles of impeachment:

"This is a historic and somber day in the House of Representatives," said Congressman Conaway. "Unfortunately, many of my colleagues have diminished what should be a solemn and grave proceeding into an absolute political circus, simply because they don't like the man occupying the White House.

"Many Democrats have been intent on impeaching this President since the day he took office. Their actions are clearly motivated by pure hatred for President Trump. Most importantly, we have not been presented with any real evidence that proves the president is guilty of 'high crimes and misdemeanors,' and the Democrats' articles of impeachment notably omit any mention of an actual crime.

"We have forever weakened this body by turning impeachment into a political weapon, which will surely have negative ramifications far beyond this president. The American people see right through this charade, and are fed up."

Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX-25) said in his statement:

"Today will be remembered as the day that House Democrats, claiming a false moral supremacy over the desire of the American people, executed a deliberate and orchestrated plan to overturn a Presidential election. It will be the first time in history that a party paraded out their ivy league academics to explain to 31 states and almost 63 million people, that their voices should not be heard and why their votes should not be counted.

"This entire impeachment charade has been an extraordinary disservice to the people we were elected to represent, and it has set a dangerous precedent for future generations. Donald J. Trump is our President, chosen by the American people. The Democrats' attempt to change history will never undo that."

Congressman Ron Wright (R-TX) said in a statement:

"I voted no on both Articles of Impeachment.

Today is a dark day for the Republic. For the first time in history, Democrats impeached a President of the United States without any evidence of a crime being committed. The Articles of Impeachment we voted on laid out vague allegations of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, the latter of which has traditionally been left to the Supreme Court's determination.

Before the President ever stepped foot in the Oval Office, Democrats vowed to impeach him simply because they disliked him. However, the Constitution does not authorize Congress to impeach dually elected Presidents because of political or personal differences. The Constitution instructs Congress to impeach a President when there is indisputable evidence of treason or high crimes and misdemeanors—a high bar.

Despite utilizing a process that has been unfair at every turn, Democrats failed to find one shred of evidence that President Trump committed an impeachable crime. They haven't even gotten close to meeting the high bar set by the Constitution. Democrats' decision to move forward with impeachment today sets a horrible precedent and I fear what lies ahead for future Presidents.

In ten months, the American people will head to the polls and have the opportunity to vote on whether they think President Trump deserves four more years as their Commander in Chief. Sadly, Democrats want to take matters into their own hands instead of leaving it to the ballot box.

Speaker Pelosi promised that this inquiry would be compelling, overwhelming, and bipartisan, but it has been none of those. More than anything, this impeachment has been damaging to the very fabric of our Republic. I pray we can swiftly repair the horrible division and doubt sown by this partisan sham and return to solving the issues the American people elected us to handle."


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