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Uptown Dallas Parking Woes Are Byproduct Of Success

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - For the thousands who live in Uptown Dallas, it was convenience that drew them to the area.

"I usually get off work, I walk to Gold's Gym, do my workout and come and get me a smoothie," said Mark Kinsey, who moved away from the suburbs to live a lifestyle where he could drive less and walk more.

It's a lifestyle that is drawing thousands more to the area.

Realtors say sales of homes, townhomes, apartments and condos in Uptown are booming. Increased rental rates are not keeping renters away.

"Prices per foot used to around $.80 to a $1.00 and right now we are seeing prices at $1.00 to $1.20, which is crazy and it's not even the spring market," said Rogers Healy, a realtor who specializes in the luxury market.

With the Katy Trail nearby, bars and restaurants at almost every corner and the opening of the The Park over the Woodall Rogers freeway to open soon, it's no wonder people are drawn to the area. Realtors say it's becoming more diverse, with empty nesters, young couples, young families and middle ages professionals all wanting a similar uptown lifestyle.

But the popularity of the area also has it's downfalls and in this case, it's a lack of parking almost everywhere you go.

"Parking is terrible. You have to pay a valet $5 or $10 everywhere you want to go because if you don't you're going to risk getting your car towed.

Construction projects continue in uptown Dallas and with more high-rise apartment buildings going up, parking will be at a premium.

"It could decrease the quality of life if they don't take appropriate measures," said Kinsey. "They need parking garages or something."

Residents fear the oversaturation of the area could eventually drive them away.

"I think it's just going to get worse down here," said one resident.

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