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2-Legged Pups Thriving & Inspiring Others

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - Young and frisky, like most six month old puppies, Moose and Maverick like to play rough.

There's no pity exchanged between these brothers, and no reason for it.

"They don't see that they're different at all," laughs Dr. Erin Schults, the veterinarian who cares for them.

Born with just one set of legs each, the puppies are different though.

They can sit, stand, and jump, like few others, often appearing oddly human as they balance on two legs.

"They absolutely have no problem with anything," said Schults.

CBS11 first featured Moose and Maverick back in June.

Abandoned at Dallas Animal Services, when they were just a few hours old, the puppies were rescued by Schults, who runs Mazie's Mission, for special needs animals.

Even she had her doubts, though, that the pair could, or should, survive.

"I thought about euthanizing them," she said. "In my mind, I was prejudice in thinking they couldn't have a good quality of life."

Schults began designing ramps, encouraging the pups to stand on their back legs.  She hoped to teach them to walk upright like humans.

In time, though, she noticed the dogs were developing their own way of getting around, hopping and shuffling their way around her home.

"I realized they kept reverting to their way that they moved.  And they were more content that way," she said.

two legged dogs2
(credit: CBS 11 News)

Today, she says, they are thriving.

The two even volunteer, spending time at an assisted living facility and a daycare for homeless children.

"I think they teach the kids it's okay to be different," said Schults.

Since CBS11's story first aired, Schults has received adoption applications from as far away as New York.

Her family, though, is starting to get attached and she's not sure when she'll be ready to let the puppies go.

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