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Former President Donald Trump Delivers Christmas Message At First Baptist Dallas

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - At First Baptist Dallas today, one of the largest Southern Baptist churches in North Texas, the congregation received the annual Christmas message and listened to a special guest.

Attendees gave a standing ovation as former President Donald Trump walked out with friend and senior pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress. Church members and visitors waited outside for several hours this morning just for the chance to be inside the sanctuary with Trump.

Trump First Baptist Christmas
Former President Donald Trump speaks at First Baptist Dallas. (Credit: First Baptist Dallas/Facebook)

Kerry Stuvar, who attended the service, said, "I think he represents our country well. I think he represents Christianity well."

The former President talked for about 10 minutes, going off script at first. He mentioned issues including the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, immigration, and the border, as well as inflation.

"I think our nation is in great trouble," said Trump. "There's a lot of clouds hanging over our country right now. Very dark clouds. But we will come back bigger, better and stronger than ever. I'm telling you that."

Dr. Robert Jeffress didn't think the message was too political. "I don't think the president said anything overtly political. He didn't mention any candidates he was supporting or opposing," Jeffress said.

After his 10 minute speech, the former President delivered his Christmas message.

"Our country needs a savior right now. And our country has a savior. And it's not me. It's somebody much higher up than me. Much higher," Trump said to cheers before ending his speech with a promise.

"It's America first. And make America great again. We will do it. Thank you all very much."

Trump spoke before an estimated 4,000 parishioners, delivering a message some like A.J. Mason wanted to hear.

"We need somebody that's going to stand with us, that's going to support us, that we feel is going to take a stand against what's happening, what's going on currently in the United States," Mason said.

The former President then went to the American Airlines Center where he headlined the "History Tour," a discussion of his administration's history hosted by Bill O'Reilly.

Trump didn't drop any hints about future political plans during the service or with Dr. Jeffress.

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