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Trucker Shortage Causes Concern Over Gas Supply

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The pandemic has left the truck driving business bare, which in turn is causing concern that as things return to normal, the supply chain industry may take a hit.

With a lack of delivery jobs many drivers have left the business entirely, creating problems for places like gas stations.

"During COVID-19 we saw demand for gasoline plummet. So not as many drivers were needed to deliver fuel," said Daniel Armbruster with Triple AAA Texas.

Armbruster says they've seen a few markers nationwide recently have fuel shortages. It's slightly concerning as summer travel is expected to increase.

"As more people are going to get back on the road this summer, there will be a demand for gasoline. So if stations want to have fuel, they're going to have to have drivers there to deliver the fuel," he said.

According to the American Trucking Association, the trucking industry needs more than 1 million new drivers in the next 10 years just to meet current demand.

Truckers currently move 70% of domestic freight in the United States.

Texas based company, SISU Energy is currently in need of at least 300-400 more drivers.

They're offering weekly salaries of roughly $12,000-$14,000, and still can't find enough drivers. For that reason, owner Jim Grundy says he anticipates the product shortages to extend past the pump.

"It's going to be in gasoline, it's going to be in toilet paper, it's going to be in red meat…shampoo," he said.

He also predicts it will last longer than just this summer.

"They're showing that in the next 2-4 years, it's only going to get worse," he said.

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