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One bride and groom didn't let a wildfire destroy their special day, and their photos are amazing.

Wildfires cut the couple's outdoor wedding ceremony short in Bend, Oregon short this weekend.

Firefighters also told them to move their reception due to a nearby six thousand acre wildfire.

But before they left the scene, Michael Wolber and April Hartley -- posed for these dramatic pictures.

The couple is all dressed up -- with thick smoke and orange flames visible in the background.

Their photographer -- Josh Newton -- shared the pics on Facebook -- and they have gone viral.

(credit: Josh Newton photography)


Playing drums and Frisbee at the same time is a real skill – and thanks to social media, we see a member of the band "Weezer" do both -- without missing a beat.

During a recent performance in Florida, drummer Patrick Wilson sees a Frisbee coming at him, snags it from the air -- keeps on playing the drums!


A classic rap song gets classical treatment as Sir Mix-A-Lot took the stage with the Seattle Symphony for a memorable performance of "Baby Got Back."

Sir Mix-A-Lot called women onto the stage to dance to his well known hit, while the symphony's musicians backed him up.

Sir Mix-A-Lot is a Seattle native and participated in this year's sonic evolution project where the symphony celebrates bands and artists from the area.

"Baby Got Back:" Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony by Seattle Symphony on YouTube
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