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Trending: Record Breaking Steak, Bad Beagle


A tiny woman finishes a huge steak in record time.

Mother of four Molly Schuyler, who weighs just 120 pounds, polished off a 72 oz. steak in less than three minutes.

The current world record is 6  minutes, 48 seconds.

Molly is a competitive eater -- who discovered her hidden talent for making food disappear about a year ago.

Molly Schuyler Vs. Sayler's 72 oz Steak Record - New World Record by Molly Schuyler - MOM VS FOOD - EAT LIKE A GIRL! on YouTube


A Beagle making himself very comfortable while home alone is caught on camera.

The dog's owner wanted to see what his Beagle, Lucy, was getting into while we was away so he set up a camera.  Surprisingly, he catches a lot of action.

What my Beagle does when we aren't home by Rodd Scheinerman on YouTube
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