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North Texans are talking about the arrest of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, and there is not a lot of sympathy in the social media world for him.

CBS 11 posted updates to our Facebook page and Twitter feeds and here is some of what you are saying.

Sergey Kyle wrote: "It's very rare that democrats and republicans in north texas can agree on something... And I believe this is one of those very rare occasions. As a 100% bona-fide progressive democrat, I can say that I'm glad JWP got nailed.

Jerry Grady wrote: "The people thinks he walks on water. He can do no wrong. If he's found guilty, he needs to get the maximum punishment. He is supposed to set the example being in leadership position. His cohorts in crime needs the same punishment."

Tell us what you think about the arrest and should John Wiley Price resign? Go to

#WeStillComing Real Story

We are finally getting the real story about a wedding photo that went viral.

The picture was posted all over the web and it even inspired it's own hashtag "#WeStillComing."

It shows a bridal party posing with a group of guys who don't look like they attended the wedding. So how did these two groups get together?


The first explanation was an accidental text. A string of texts were posted online that starts with an invite to the wedding. Then a reply that says "You have the wrong number but me and my boys will be there." The text sting continues with, "Oh sorry, not an invite to strangers." Then came the reply, "We Still Coming!"

(credit: Twitter)

But the wedding photographer has sorted out the real story. He says when the couple went to the streets of Detroit to shoot photos, they ran into a rap group shooting a music video.

The bridal party danced in the video -- and the rap group posed for wedding photos.

I'm On Vacation

Finally, a video that will put a smile on your face as you get the weekend started.

It's Friday, which is the next best thing to being on vacation.

Internet entertainers "Rhett & Link" have a new video that explains how most of us feel when we are on vacation.

If someone ruins your sandcastle, it's OK.

You get hit in the eye with a surfboard, no problem.

Everything's OK when you are on vacation, according to this five-minute video.

It's gotten 1.3 million hits on YouTube over the past three days.

I'm On Vacation (Song) by Rhett & Link on YouTube


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